Finding Wounded Child

Wounded Children and Patterns

Remember the post about wounded children? Today I will tell you about the best way to spot a wounded child within you. What we’re looking for is a part of our energy consciousness that has not fully grown up. The part of us that is still that same age when it first came into a contact with a painful experience.

For example – a young woman’s parents get divorced when she turns seven and her father is generally unable to be in her life. She keeps on longing to see him more often and feels abandoned when her wish doesn’t come true. She believes that there’s something wrong with her and if it weren’t for her (actions, issues, mistakes) her father would be there.

She grows up feeling very vulnerable around men, longing for their attention. Sometimes, when a man is unable/unwilling to be in her life (or simply see her on a specific day), she feels very emotional, incredibly upset and starts acting out of character.

What happens is that there’s a pattern in her life to which she reacts by falling back into the past and merging with the Wounded Child consciousness. At times of despair she feels helpless and lost. Exactly as a seven-year-old child would when a dad doesn’t take much interest in her.

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