Sex Club Show and Private Tour Aftermath

My whole life’s journey has been geared towards uncovering and claiming authentic parts of myself. Allowing a little more space for what my truth it. Conquering my fears, aligning with my passions and dreams no matter what.

Sadly, I have lost some people along the way. Not everyone understands me. Yet I feel so much more aligned with who I am inside, my own sexual and spiritual expression. So much so that I really want to pay it forward and see the same sparks of happiness, self-love and confidence light up in others. It makes me feel happy, warm and bright inside and out. As if we can light up our whole globe with love, beauty and guilt-free self expression.

Yesterday was one of those days when a group of beautiful brave people has joined me to explore some of their fantasies, conquer fears, reclaim parts of themselves they felt were lost. My beautiful model was brave enough to be who he is in front of tens of people. Surrender and receive: play, pleasure, a bit of pain, a bit of humiliation and lots of fun.

My amazing workshop participants were open, curious, expressive and not judgmental. Many felt a little bit more connected to themselves, expanded and confident in their own skin at the end of their experience. It just really made me feel very good inside.

Wonderful audience, supportive partners and friends – thank you everyone. Feeling lots of gratitude for being able to share my passion with you.

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