Sexual Guidance: Sexual Charisma and Self Confidence

Sexual Charisma Self Confidence
Sexual Charisma and Self Confidence

Often, when we’re not in tune with our own sexual/sensual power, we feel ungrounded, unsure of ourselves, uprooted and our self confidence suffers.

I’ve been there many times, going through years of being bullied; without any understanding of my self-worth, source I came from or power I had within.

How does one become more self-confident? By questioning who the person is… Are you your body? Emotions? Thoughts? Or are you the quiet awareness outside all of that… Have you felt into your energy – sensual, sexual? Can you describe your best qualities?

We each bring our own Beautiful Frequency into this world. Going through years of learning, Childhood Wounds, school years etc. we gather as much knowledge as we can on our way to accomplish our “Personal Tasks” which are unique paths we have chosen for ourselves prior to incarnating.

Once the knowledge has been gathered – we compile all of that beautiful energy and share it with others. This is called a “Life’s task”. What is yours?

Do you know what song your soul is singing? What are you drawn to? Can you tune into this frequency of deep longing?

Once you’re clear about your path, next step is to explore your needs. Then deepen into an internal journey of self-love, self-acceptance. Tune into who you truly are. As we’re all magnificent.

It’s that knowing of who you are that will set you free.

I would love to guide you. Please reach out about the Sexual Charisma/Self Confidence session and learn more. Learn to uncover the hidden emotional, sexual and energetic blockages, allow, process and heal your wounds allowing your full Beautiful Essence to shine forward. If this resonates with you – please ask me how. Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives.

Here’s what others have thought of their session with me:

“Energetically Evguenia has opened my up to a labyrinth of cathartic and self-reflective forms of healing from my inner core outwards. Evguenia’s sensitivity and intuitive abilities are amazing and she has picked up sources of blocked energy in me that have been stuck and helped me cleanse those energies with positive feedback and vibration.” S. H.

“Evguenia is an amazing teacher and healer. Her personality makes talking about sex and desires so natural and easy. She has broad knowledge and experience to answer all of the questions and concerns one might have. K. S.

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