You are the universe in ecstatic motion

stop acting so small

“Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion.” Rumi

Just recently on FB forum I read a story of a woman who was feeling trapped and helpless. She has immigrated to Canada over a decade ago and ever since then has been feeling completely out of place. She feared that everyone around her was judging her less than perfect knowledge of the English language, making fun of her accent. She felt trapped in her inability to integrate into the society and blamed herself for being “less than” she should be. In my mind, she was lost in her thoughts full of internal judgements…

We need to believe in ourselves. It may be easy at times to get lost in self-pity and left-blame and feel small. However, at our very core we are not small at all. We are huge, magnificent energetic beings full of shimmering, beautiful and unique essence. We all have gifts to share with this world.

One last story – I remember trying indoor rock climbing for the first time. My partner was at the bottom of the wall belaying me (holding the rope I was strapped to and therefore keeping me safe in the event of a fall). As I kept going up I started feeling an increasingly strong sense of fear. Panic setting in. My fears of heights became very real the higher I went. My knees started feeling weak, palms started to sweat. I stopped. A few meters from the top I was ready to give up. “I can’t do this”, I thought to myself. “I need to get down.”

I took a deep breathe and paused. Suddenly, a new realization came through “You’re stopping yourself”. In that instance I have realized that there was nothing else stopping me beyond my own thoughts. I was securely held in place and supported no matter what. I had enough of the physical abilities to reach the top of the wall. The only obstacle in my way was the thought “I can’t do this!” I questioned it and tapped the very top step of the wall climbing course I was on.

Our fears are just our projections. No one else has the ability to stop us but ourselves. We are the universe in ecstatic motion. You’d better believe it, my friends 🙂 Sending you love!

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