6 Workshops in One week

happy woman workshop leader

workshop sexy workshop group workshop group workshop testimonial vulva sculpture meditation workshop testimonial

OMG! What an amazing week this was!! Three private sexy workshops with beautiful, sensual and open women! We learned about Squirting, G spots, BDSM and Tantra! We played with energy, experiences our own beautiful essences, learned lots of tips and tricks on how to spice up our sexual play. Another 3 workshops at three beautiful venues: All about Tantra, Yoni, Lingam and Prostate massage, Energy Orgasms – quite a few people had these amazing experiences right in the room and hands on Sensual exploration! Uffff.

My heart is full. I’m a bit tired but feel so grateful to all of you guys! Time for a bit of a break 🙂 Please enjoy the photos and Feedback that was provided by some of you! You are awesome, and uniquely beautiful! Keep shining your essence!!!

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