Second step in my Healing Journey


Rumi’s quote I recently posted (“Open your hands if you want to be held.”) reminds me that I had a full week of wonderful events, workshops, healings and creative work. I feel so grateful to all of you for reading my blog, coming out to my workshops / private sessions inviting me to your private events! I feel very fulfilled in being able to do what I love and share my passion for Sexuality and Spirituality with you.

Now it’s my time to open my hands and receive 🙂 I’m having my second surgery on March 12th (a second step of my journey through #thyroidCancer) and therefore will not blog for 1-2 weeks. I may post a few occasional quick photos to Instagram and FB just to share a few updates / thoughts with you.

I’m looking forward to fully connecting with you after this short break! xoxo

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