Steamy car window

steamy car window
Steamy car window

Alice was extremely turned on. They have been kissing in the car for what seemed like an hour. Passionately. Playing with each others’ lips, tongues, biting, teasing. “You’re fun to kiss”, he said. He took her chin and moved her face closer to his, in a controlling, dominant way. Alice was getting very wet. Two more seconds and she could’ve cum just from that. They took brakes and kissed more, the car windows got steamy like in a cheap Hollywood movie. She had to make quite an effort to finally say goodbye and leave the car.

Now remembering and looking back, Alice was feeling emotional about never seeing him again.

They say our emotions are like birds flying in a vast space of our soul. If we acknowledge them, name and allow their expression to take place, if we don’t attach and just witness – birds will stop chaotically flying and will quiet down… They say we all have wounded children inside of us. Children that want healing, if we connect and love them – they will speak to us.

Alice could name multiple emotions {birds} – anger, rage, sadness, jealousy, fear…

She could see two of her wounded children. One was a teenager, seductive, flirtatious and quite a sexual creature. This girl was a wild child. The young seductress was in rage – how dare he never contact Alice again. After an hour of such passionate kissing. Couldn’t he see how sexual she was. How beautiful. How unique? The wild child had a short temper, she was a maximalist. Alice noticed that she was also feeling jealous – jealous of the attention he paid to others. Behind the mask of girl’s self-assured confidence and pride, the flirtatious creature was quite a sensitive teenager.

Beside her, sitting in the corner, was a little girl – she was a lonely child. She didn’t play much and was quite sad. Sad because she liked him. She saw him as a potentially good friend and a fun playmate. She liked open and vulnerable people. People that she could play with. People she could love.

Alice allowed for all of this to be there. She experienced all of the emotions as waves. She didn’t attach and just held the space for the little girls, for the birds…

She accepted them. She loved them. After all, these were her stories, her wounds, she was the one responsible for them now.

She told the teenager how sexual and fun she was. How beautiful and unique. She hugged the little girl and offered to play. She tried to love all of the parts of herself the best way she could.

Dating. Sigh. It helped Alice grow. It helped all of them grow.

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