Sex Education Guidance / Individual or couples Energy Healing Sessions

Individual or couples energy healing
Sex Education Guidance / Hands on Individual or couples Energy Healing Sessions

Human life force that is connected to our sexual/sensual energy centers is one of the most vital and powerful ways to connect to our own sexual expression, creativity as well as a partner’s sacred life force. Charged, open and aligned expression of sexual/sensual energy brings limitless pleasure, deeper connection, stronger expression of one’s essence.

We could affect our energy systems in powerful ways by accessing various healing modalities. Connection deepening, blocks removal, strengthening couple’s intention bring more love, depth and charge into relationships.

Energy play and various exercises I can teach you will make you feel closer to each other and allow to see each other in a new light.

At my disposal, I have a Few Techniques that enhance and deepen sexual pleasure and connection for individuals and couples:

Covered topics during Individual or couples energy healing and Sexual Guidance may include:

  • Sexual Energy Cleansing and Charge – removing unhealthy energy & blocks
  • Relational Level Clearing – balancing and working on relational level of human energy field
  • Relational Cord Connection – bringing partners’ chakras into a relational alignment
  • Personal/Relational sensual exploration guidance
  • Group Hara setting – teaching about couple’s intention setting

All workshops are available as private workshops / sessions at a convenient for you time / locations.

Please Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to learn more. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives!

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