Body Strength

body strength
Body Strength

Physical health is an imperative prerequisite of living a fulfilled and happy life. We’re encouraged to eat healthy, exercise frequently and focus on staying as stress free as possible.

Physical illness first manifests itself energetically and gradually permeates into the slowly vibrating fields. Similarly to how stress affects us in various physical ways, any types of energy blockages influence our bodies and their ability to function.

For anyone needing more focus on the physical plane, any of the following techniques or a combination thereof would aim at a better alignment on the physical level.

Healing session may include:

  • Background exploration of your journey, your goals, needs, aspirations
  • Chakra reading and overall energy field assessment
    (Chakras are main energy centers that intake various vibrational frequencies to enable our energy system to function. Therefore, chakra reading determines functioning of the chakras and explains their individual psychological function.)
  • Any or a few of the following techniques:
    • Cellular Healing – Infuses each cell with divine core essence
    • Surgery Support – Facilitates speed and quality of surgical recovery
    • Organ Restructuring & Balancing – Restores an organ’s energetic structure for better functioning
    • Spine Cleaning – Balances and clears stagnated energy around the back/neck area
    • Psychic Surgery – Focuses on an area of a body that needs restructuring and support
    • Lines of Light Reconnection – Allows for a possibility to heal injuries
  • Hand outs, List of resources

All healing sessions are available as private / couple’s sessions at a convenient for you time. These take place in my North York Studio (just a short walk from a North York / Finch Subway stations) or Long Distance (with an option to record the session so you can replay the healing session as a reminder of topics discussed as well as repeatedly bathe in the healing energy channelled through the recording)

Please Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to learn more. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives!

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