Meditation and Energy Protection Workshop

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Private Meditation and Energy Protection Workshop went very well!

We live in a sea of energy. Often, we just are not aware of energetic interactions that happen all around us…

  • Think back to doing something you love – the sense of beautiful happy energy in your body and all around you? Your field most likely has expanded and bloomed with your beautiful essence shining through!
  • Remember an argument you had – it might’ve felt painful as if a strong surge of outside energy was attacking you? Or maybe you were the one creating a more assertive energy stream? Feel into it next time. See what happens.
  • At times, you might’ve found yourself in a situation in which a person was unknowingly taking energy out of our field. Did you find a way to resolve the situation?
  • Can you describe the qualities of your sensual, sexual force? Are you able to turn it on at will and direct it as needed?

For each of these situations – there are ways to deal with the energy exchange. Way to balance our emotions out, get more energy in, protect ourselves from an outside invasion and so on.
We’ve covered some of these ways in a private workshop – such a great group of wonderful people!

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