Warm and welcoming presence

warm and welcoming

“I really appreciate Evguenia’s warm and welcoming presence and her ability to make her clients feel comfortable and uninhibited.”
A. G.

It just really started with trying to be welcoming and uninhibited by myself… Slowly growing and changing. Now trying to pay it forward as best I can xoxo

2 thoughts on “Warm and welcoming presence

  1. I’ve been on a long journey of self discovery. I came across Evguenia and Spirit Sex Lab via social media. After the initial, 20 minute free consultation, I made a decision, without hesitation, to move forward and embrace her extended offerings. We completed our first two hour session yesterday. I’ve done guided meditation in the past, however, my time with Evguenia was the most beneficial ever. Her caring voice and her ability to listen is astounding. She helped me dig deep and we uncovered some real truths and blockage that I have never been able to reveal before. I felt like she was holding me in her arms, telling me that I will all be okay. I wept. I smiled. I left feeling like this journey with Evguenia will be the most important of my life. We are meeting again next week, I cannot wait. Thank you, Evguenia!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH Bob. You’re so very kind, it’s an incredible pleasure to be connected with you. Look forward to continuing our work together xoxo

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