Mental Clarity

mental clarity
Mental Clarity

Many of us feel overwhelmed by the amount of information we need to process, our minds have hard time focusing , quieting down and achieving mental clarity.

Buddha has referred to a human mind as being filled by drunken monkeys. Any given second, multiple stressful thoughts swirl around our heads triggering the sympathetic nervous system into a fight or flight response. Stress does not only impact our mental capacity, it tires out the physical body and manifests in various illnesses…

Fighting stressful thoughts only triggers more suffering as what we resist, persists… Healing and meditation affect us on multiple levels of our being including the mental one, slowing down the stressful thoughts, activating parasympathetic nervous system (that allows for overall healing and relaxation).

Below are a few techniques I use to allow for mental clarity and relaxation.

  • Brain Balancing – quieting down the mind, opening up to the deeper wisdom
  • Mental Level Healing – balancing and working on mental level of human energy field
  • Meditation Guidance – teaching to access and receive inner guidance, quiet the mind

All healing sessions are available as private / couple’s sessions at a convenient for you time. These take place in my North York Studio (just a short walk from a North York / Finch Subway stations) or Long Distance (with an option to record the session so you can replay the healing session as a reminder of topics discussed as well as repeatedly bathe in the healing energy channelled through the recording)

Please Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to learn more. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives!

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