Meditation on Body Centered Emotions – Aftermath

Gilda's club

WORKSHOP @gildasclubtoronto

Just reflecting back on today’s workshop at Gilda’s Club – meditating on body-centered emotions…

What an experience. 9 soulful women, fighters, cancer thrivers all in different stages of cancer journeys… Different diagnosis. Yet so similar inside.

Working through pain, fear, rage and loss… Multidimensional revamping of their whole being. A hard reboot so to speak… All of the warriors were driven to better understand themselves, grow through this experience and heal.

We have amazing medical care here in Canada, yet cancer is as much of an emotional journey as it is a physical one. There are therapists available to us as well, however we’re still missing the important tools, I find, that could help us carry us through extreme ups and downs… For me personally, the emotional aspect was a lot more challenging than the visceral to deal with even though I had lots of tools at my disposal and great community support.

So it’s beautiful that there are places like this that are run by wonderful volunteers helping people come together and heal. Internally and as a community. After all, we’re all each other’s mirrors.


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