Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – 11/11/2018 Aftermath

orgasms and pleasure

Women’s Sexual Healing Circle: Pleasure and Orgasms

So wonderful to see so many open-minded and hearted women! I truly treasure these circles because of how much sharing, energy exchange and connection take place.

We talked about Clitoral, Cervical, G-Spot and Energy / Breath Orgasms. Watched x-rated videos, made sounds and experimented with energy movement and mindfulness.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out! And those of you who have spread the word! Can’t wait for our next circle! Maybe we should make it all gender inclusive for once. Thoughts :)? xoxo

P. S. By the time I got an idea to take a photo, most of the wonderful women have left, sorry we only captured 3 of our beautiful Soulful Wild women – sending a virtual hug to everyone!

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