Redesign your life

Redefine your life

Redesign your life


We live within a system with a very clearly specified path in front of us. We’re typically born at hospitals under a bright set of lights, not allowed skin to skin contact prior to being checked out for potential lists of ailments.

We go to daycare, school and are encouraged to get good grades as great work is scarce. We often are encouraged to choose our profession for life based on what’s in need as opposed to following our passions. We work 40 hours per week with 2 days off and 2 week vacations for the rest of our lives. How many of us are happy within this paradigm?

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Society dictates us the relationship norms (monogamy by default, mostly heterosexually focused), sexuality rules (procreation based, sex negative) and the goals we each need to have – 2.5 kids, 1 big house, 1.3 cars. What brings us happiness (make up and hair products of course = consumerism), what we’re supposed to fear (old age)

It is our unspoken system. The question is whether it works for everyone… When do we get to redesign our own set of rules, values, approach to life?

In actuality we get to choose:

  • Where to live (which climate works best for you)
  • What we do (follow our dreams and fulfill our needs)
  • What type of relationship to form (monogamy, monogamish, Open, Poly)
  • Whether or not dye / cut / shave your hair /wear or use specific brand of products etc

And the list goes on. Comment – how do you choose your own unique path? How do you redesign your life to fit your life’s purpose. How do you embrace your dreams?

Gorgeous photo by amazingly talented photographer Vinny Kim @vkimphoto + [email protected]

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