Kickstarter Personal Stories – Dad

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Kickstarter Personal Stories – Dad

Lovely, you know what happened today? I told my dad that I’d launched a Kickstarter campaign (… A bit of a background – my dad is a highly intellectual & intelligent man, with a PhD in engineering and a long standing love for writing with several published books up his sleeve. I thought he’d appreciate my love for self expression and wanted to share the news.

Well, he got pretty upset to say the least. He’d said that sexuality should not be discussed publicly – it’s a private matter. He’d mentioned that he doesn’t have an issue with Sex Education but it’s not a profession he’d like me to be associated with… And when I mentioned that the book contains my erotic photos he paused for a long time and said that the conversation made him uncomfortable.


After the pause, he added that if I were to ask for him to help me out with anything (like kids education fund) – they’d do it in a second. But he’d never support this type of project.
Honestly, I could’ve predicted that reaction. I just wanted to share my excitement.

As painful as it gets to not be understood, I get it.

Both of my parents are in their 80s and love me to death but come from very conservative background. There was no sex education in the Soviet Union (the country where sex didn’t even exist). The values were very sex-negative, puritanistic and homophobic. You should’ve seen the old movies – each time a kissing scene were to begin, the camera would shift to show birches and the nature all around. Speaking of sexual matters was completely unacceptable.

It doesn’t feel good, at times, to go against the grain. Yet, I feel it’s extremely important for you and I to be ourselves (whatever that means) without shape shifting to fit into someone else’s expectations of who we ought to be. It’s very important to keep an open dialogue about sexuality, pleasure, connection and relationships. It is so very important to share ideas on sexual play and experiences. So the next generation and the one after looks at sexuality as playful, loving exploration of themselves and others. So they see it as joy, pleasure and personal expression of the blissful, whole, spiritually sexy power within. Their life force.

Please comment with + if you agree and consider supporting my project (investing into our kids education fund – in it I’m sharing 9 personal stories (inspired by my  adventures in Polyamory), multiple erotic photographs & many useful practical tips on accomplishing the fantasies. Let’s keep the pleasure going!

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