Our Intention

Our intention creates our reality

“Our intention creates our reality” Wayne Dyer.
Couldn’t agree more. Each time you connect with someone, ask yourself what the intention is. Each time you start something new, clarify the intention behind it. Be very honest with regards to the intention at any given point in time. Additionally, each time I facilitate an Energy healing I always ask my clients to voice their intention:

  • This brings more clarity to our work together
  • Strengthens the person’s focus / goals
  • Creates more energy that works towards setting the manifesting mechanism into life

Learn more about Intention on my site by searching ‘Intention’ on www.spiritsexlab.com (please note that FB and IG are still blocking my URL, they seem to think that my posts contain spam. I’m trying to do everything I can to bring the functionality back – please bare with me in the meantime and thank you for following along!) xoxo

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