Unisex Healing Circle – Tantric Sensuality

Tantra Sold OUt

Hi there, Beautiful soulful human!

Just a quick note of gratitude – the upcoming Sunday workshop has Sold out a week in advance and I can’t wait to facilitate it in two days!

Tantra Sanskrit for “loom” or “weaving” as well as “continuous process” is a spiritual practice that can involve sex as a gateway to better intimacy, better orgasm and orgasm control and greater sexual experience between partners. Tantra is about the movement of the energetic flow within the body and the channelling of the energy centers (Chakras) for a greater connection to oneself.
Cant’s wait! Thank you so much everyone! Comment with + if you’ve experienced spiritual sexuality in your life.

Missed this workshop? Sign up for the next one on March 3rd or DM for a personal one on one session xoxo

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