Healing Circle – Emotional Balance and Stress release

Emotional Balance, Stress Release

Monthly Event Invite! Emotional Balance + Stress Release Mindfulness

Welcoming all genders to our March Circle! This beautiful gathering promotes human connection, support, shame-free sharing on topics of sexuality, spirituality and personal growth.

Quite often our minds tend to wonder and scatter. Thousands of thoughts run around our heads just like a bunch of crazy monkeys (paraphrasing Buddah’s quote on referring to human brain as a monkey mind). We may also feel anxious, stuck, hurt, angry and unable to understand the root cause of our reactions and behavioural patterns. One of the ways a meditation can be used is to calm the mind and become aware of multitude of emotions one is experiencing deep on a subconscious level.

Benefits of Emotional Balance Meditation:

Learning to bring the stream of attention to mindful witnessing of our internal landscape is an excellent way to become aware of multitude of stagnated emotions and thoughts. This brings on an ability to quiet the mind, balance out emotions, lessen the pain and suffering and achieve a higher level of contentment with life.

Join me on this journey full of play, connection, self exploration and deep sharing. We will cover the following topics:

– Wonderful experiential guided body scan mindfulness meditation – relaxation and awareness
– Identifying the energetic / emotional blockages and various body-centered emotions
– Releasing the stagnated energy and blocks
– Learning about emotional waves and ways of working through difficult emotions
– Identifying Wounded children, SuperEgo, Shadow and Essence parts of our personalities
– Healing response and other energetic techniques to work through fear, pain, anger and/or anxiety
– Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing

We don’t often talk about emotions / spirituality and yet we have so much to share and learn from each other. I feel called to create a unisex circle focusing on deep sharing and spiritual / sexual healing. Judgement free, open and supportive circle of people aligned to fully embrace their sexuality and self love.

Would you like to join me?✨

Date: March 3rd, 10.00 am -12.30 pm
Location: Private Residence in North York (address will be given upon registration)

– Small, supportive group of people
– Judgement free sharing
– Energy and sexuality discussion / exploration
– Movement and Meditations
– Energetic exersizes
– Q and A (topics vary monthly)

Energy Exchange:
– $45 pp, please send an email transfer to [email protected] to reserve your spot
*There are limited seats and in fairness to everyone, your spot is guaranteed once paid for. Because of this, all sales on workshops are FINAL.

What to Bring:
– Socks + Blanket and/or jacket
– Closed water bottle
– Wear what is comfortable for you and is an expression of your sexy spiritual self

Feedback from Previous Circles:

“Thank you Evguenia for a great time I had today! Thank you for being such kind and incredible person. After the session i felt calm and full of energy! I liked the warm atmosphere. I liked to hear other woman experiences and to be around people who can openly talk about sex and themselves as I learn to do it myself. I liked all exercises.” K. S.

“I’m so overwhelmed! Feel so thankful to myself and to you and all the girls who came today”. O. A.

“It was huge to devote this time to myself. I liked the atmosphere. You always channel openness, acceptance, kindness – and that shines through. You also make sure you make eye contact with everyone.You also share, not only listen. The way you are able to be amazingly open, funny, encouraging , shining. I can’t explain, that makes you so special. I totally feel better, different after simply listening to what you say. It’s like I allow myself to breathe!” T. A.

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