Mega Energy Boost – Relationships / Boundaries

Mega Energy Boost Boundaries

Relationships / Boundaries (overwork, stress etc.)

We have multiple boundaries in place when we speak of ourselves, our loved ones, extended circle of friends and the society. We’re continuing with our topic of achieving a Mega Energy Boost (or how to live our best lives, vibrating at high, powerful and positive frequencies)#spiritsexlab_energyboost and today I’d like to focus on the topic of RELATIONSHIPS / BOUNDARIES! Each coming Tuesday, stay tuned for lots of useful info and practical tips, please comment, share and follow along! To see previous posts, please go to

• We are all aware of the physical boundaries: body autonomy, desk / room space, house, building, city, country etc.
• Have you thought about the emotional boundaries when it comes to energy exchange within oneself (messages we internally send to ourselves), within relationships, larger groups of people?
• Mental boundaries – dealing with our internal thoughts, opinion exchange with others, intellectual property etc.
• Energetic boundaries – ‘the personal space’ we sometimes are referring to, the way we internally change and adjust within the connection to others while having more expansive moments of feeling light, embodied, fulfilled, spiritually lifted etc.
The way we deal with boundaries determines the amount and quality of energy we house within us and spread all around. Please notice whether any of the following boundary configurations are specific to you:
• We could be leaking good energy out if our boundaries are not strong enough and we choose to engage in energy exchange that doesn’t work for us out of guilt, shame or fear of being judged. This may feel contrived, forced and draining
• We may be too protective of our energy inside and not allow any energy exchange with the outside world and therefore feel stagnated, rigid and stiff
• We could reach out and start throwing our energy at others because we want to be loved, cared for and noticed
Notice how you can define each of your boundaries with yourself, loved ones and larger circle of people on all of the 4 levels and let me know whether you feel the energy is lost or gained.

The idea is to charge the field all around us through multiple personal experiences, way of being and healthy energy exchange and protect ourselves from dampening and losing energy resources.

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