Women Enterprenuer Summit Workshop

What an amazing 4 days I had! So excited to have been invited to speak at DoveTail Summit exclusive gathering for soulful, driven women entrepreneurs from all over North America.

We had such a great time, I’ve met so many amazing people! My fear was that my subject matter may be too edgy for many and that I may not fit in (childhood wounding). But the opposite was true – the people that came out were amazingly open, judgement-free, eager to learn and share their knowledge and aligned with the idea of personal growth!

I’ve shared with this powerful group of women holistic and powerful techniques on how to:

  • Mindfully connect to ourselves, self love, pleasure and align with our authenticity
  • Question and let go of judgments preventing us to feel free, sexy and pleasure-filled
  • Add spice and butterflies into established relationships (Tantra, Energy Play, Deeper Connection, Kink etc.)
  • Redefine relationship models and express our inner desires (Monogamish, Play Partnerships, Open Relationships and Polyamory)

We laughed to the point of crying, I met some amazing people and made some great friends! So very happy.
Many people told me that they’ve learned a ton and had very good dreams after the workshop. Here’s just one of the multiple messages I’ve gotten:

“So so lovely to connect!! You had such a huge and fun impact on all of us. Thank you for living on the courageous line ! Xo Libby”

P. S. Want to have a great time openly talking about sexuality and relationships in a safe supportive circle? I have a couple of spot still available for the May 12 workshop on Relationship Spice.

Beautiful photos by Carin Smolinski & Paula Munro Owen

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