Imagine entering a beautifully boutique venue as if entering a sensual fantasy

Imagine entering a beautifully boutique venue as if entering a sensual fantasy. Multiple stations with whimsical signs “tie me up”, “spank me”, “tickle me” are positioned on the lash first floor. Each sensual station is ran by a Master Guide – a specialist with many years  of experience in each given sensual art.

  • Incredible rope artist teaching most beautiful and technical ties is leading a bondage station. He ties guests, teaches rope work and creates beautiful demonstrations on how to use the art or rope tying to sensually enhance everyone’s experiences.
  • Wonderful impact play station Master showcases various toys, techniques, safety methods and play ideas on how to incorporate spanking, flogging and various sensations into a playful arsenal of anyone interested. One can experience, watch and learn how to tantalize the senses and fall into a blissful state of trance while receiving a  multitude of sensations.
  • Tickling / Sensation Play station may showcase how to use lighter touch, unpredictability, language and some impact play to tantalize multitude of senses, heighten pleasure and raise intensity to encourage various emotional reactions leading to arousal and excitement.
  • Blindfolded cuddle party led by Alice will gently guide you to focus on multitude of senses, experiences, deepening connection with yourself, others and the world. Tuning into the world of being, experiencing as opposed to thinking and doing will encourage a nice change of pace. Exploration of sense of touch will allow us to deeper understand what feels good and how to get in touch with our bodies, hearts, minds and souls.

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