Touch & Go – Still Waters Run Deep 

Touch & Go – Still Waters Run Deep 

1 – Kiss me on the lips
…Alice was used to experiencing an intensely burning fire. Connection with Valen was different. It started off slowly. He was so unlike anyone she’s ever met before – extremely smart, confident, in charge, deep, yet vulnerably touching with a pinch of shyness thrown in and a child’s sense of wonder.

He had a huge smile on his face as soon as she’d joined him at the local café for the very first date. “Such an exciting energy he has”, Alice thought looking into his sparkling eyes. Deep conversations intertwined with laughs and personal sharing – she loved it all.

The connection has inspired her to read his daily web of news articles swirling around the favourite topic of AI intelligence. He’d shared his personal stories and wounding so openly and was so very honest, attentive and caring that Alice had arrived at the conclusion that he really was a dating virgin ? Such an unusual specimen to find in the current disposable and frequently surface-based culture of online dating market.

Naturally, she’d initiated the first kiss… She felt in charge, seductive and sensual. He was a great kisser, yet not as dominant or primal as a “bad boy type” she was used to dating. Alice couldn’t figure out the vibe she was getting…

6 – Domination
Great dinner at a Private club followed by a fun scene planned at his place. She’d dominate him, she thought – take away his “virginity” so he could find a better suited partner. Kissing started off slowly, she’d stripped him naked and to extenuate the contrast in power stayed wearing black sensual lingerie. He was to call her a Goddess, couldn’t touch, only look and receive – those were the rules of the domination game. She’d started playing with his strong naked body, he was responding to her touch – making sounds, slowly getting aroused as she was sliding her slippery hands up and down the shaft of his cock, penetrating his ass… Everything was going according to the plan until {such a brat he was} he lightly brushed his fingers against her nipple that inadvertently piqued out of the bra as she leaned towards him. Suddenly the energy shifted. She noticed how she’d longed for his touch. How she enjoyed HIS tease and denial gasping and moving in response to his touch. He pointed at his cock – “take him into your mouth” he said. She obliged. This was not part of her domination plan, in fact being on her knees and servicing his cock was not a dominant thing to do at all. However, she was enjoying herself so much that she’d stopped the mind chatter and focused on his pleasure. His body started shaking, waves of ecstasy started moving from his perineum all the way into his penis, hips and stomach. She loved his taste – it felt strangely liberating and scary to submit.

16 – Yes Boss
“Yes boss” music in the background, incredible hotel view. Alice quietly opens the door using her key, she’s wearing a red lipstick, tight grey dress and black leather boots. She’s pleased as she looks at his naked body spread on the bed, ass up, nodding in approval {not that he can see it through his closed eyes}… Good boy. Milking him is followed by her touch, toy play and kisses on his sensitive neck. Pushing him beyond his comfort zone in submission. He’s been on her mind a lot lately, she’d noticed how she loved his suggestive talk, imagery he’d sent, sensual audio list he’d created for them.

Deviant videos are being projected onto the room’s ceiling, music is playing in the background – he’d thought of all of smallest details for this evening. Suddenly she finds herself falling more and more into a deeper submissive state. His words, the way he pulls her hair, primally kisses her, controls her body as he fucks her, directs her to look straight into his eyes. She wants to fully submit and is afraid to lose herself in him at the same time.

31 – From a Goddess to a Good Girl
Days go by, HIS quiet yet strong presence and strict but supportive manner manifest in a variety of ways throughout their relationship. She wants to own HIM and be HIS prized possession. Her place is by HIS cock. On her knees. Good girl. “…Where did the Goddess go?”

Still waters run deep. Happy Birthday, Sir.

{A centered pentagonal number is a centered figurate number that represents a pentagon with a dot in the center and all other dots surrounding the center in successive pentagonal layers (1, 6, 16, 31, 51…)}

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