Mind Sex: Practical Tips

Mind Sex: Practical Tips (excerpt from Alice in Polyland book available at www.aliceinpolyland.com)

The brain is our main sexual organ. To me, intellectual stimulation of someone, knowing all of their triggers and buttons; as well as an ability to play and weave these into visceral experiences, is the highest level of sensual connection one can have. This and Energy Orgasms of course 😉

Explore Mind Sex by:

Tuning into your partner’s turn-ons and turn-offs

  • Figure out your partner’s turns-ons (location/place, the way they need to feel about themselves, their partner preferences, fantasies, fears, goals, emotional state they need to be in to go over the edge, previous experiences that have rocked their world)

Adding a few contextual elements to add more spice in

  • Think about adding an element of surprise, mystery, tease, and danger

Feeling into various tools and techniques

  • Consider using your voice to communicate various concepts
  • Using your body to tease, seduce and deny
  • Incorporate toys, touch, and other senses to hint at the fantasy yet not fully give it to them

Creating a story line with twists and turns

  • Create a story — great storytelling always gets attention
  • Come up with a few unexpected turns
  • Have a final goal in mind at the end of the journey (set an intention for each experience)

Enjoying their arousal build

  • Take your time building the anticipation over minutes, hours, days
  • Paint the picture in colourful details, bring it so close yet out of touch
  • Enjoy the tension and the level of control one can exude over their partner

More sexy stories and practical tips at www.aliceinpolyland.com or reach out for your personal Sexual Guidance session and make all your dreams come true.

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