Energy Orgasms Aftermath – thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Energy Orgasm webinar foundations yesterday!

We had a blast learning about the EO phenomenon, experiencing energy, going over benefits and some of us had the best time ever 😉 Below is some feedback from the participants during the session (please pay attention to S’s comments ;))

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00:18:48 R: Teaching me this was amazing, I have never felt anything like it and to be multi orgasmatic as a man is just a superb!
00:43:39 S: There were hundreds of hands touching me
00:43:53 P: I’m jealous of S.
00:44:03 N: Relaxed and saw lots of colors and felt the connection from solar plexus up to the sky especially
00:44:42 E: Great moment
00:50:21 P:  Guided meditation and microcosmic orbit were great
00:50:21 M: Breathing + PC muscle movement was helpful
00:50:27 S: I gotta say that meditation turned me on haha
00:50:32 J: slideshow very comprehensive summary for beginner level. Ty ?
00:50:32 J: Really enjoyed the theoretical info! And also feeling energy during the meditation – I find sensing energy always very natural, just never sure how to continue from there
00:50:34 K: Great session

Photo: @deckardphotographer
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