Redefining Partner + Relationships (Relationship spectrum exploration)

Redefining Relationships
Redefining Partner + Relationships (Relationship Spectrum Exploration)

“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” Vincent Van Gogh

Do you have trouble finding the right people to date? Would you like to understand how to maintain deeper, more loving relationships while openly communicating your truth? Or are you interested to explore a sea of other options outside of a typical relationship root showcased by popular media?

The chances are most of us have never gone through a formal exercise of understanding our partner preferences, diving deeper into a multitude of qualities, belief systems and preferences to better understand our needs and goals and heighten our dating success.

Moreover, most of use were raised with an idea of “happily ever after” American dream relationship model that barely works for anyone anymore because of how idealized it is. There are so many variations of relationship configurations that may work better for us. Some considerations may include deciding on the best frequency / living arrangements / looking into monogamy > open relationship paradigm and getting to know all possible consensually agreed upon approaches etc.

Over the years of personal and professional experience / studies I have developed incredibly useful tools that allow us to deepen into a potential partner exploration, redefining your preferences to find the most compatible partner(s) in the best suitable relationship configuration.

Let me guide you to:

  • Understand your partner / relationship needs
  • Dive into various qualities of a potential match and prioritize your preferences
  • Deepen into a vast relationship options spectrum, optimizing the selection process
  • Experience a deeply transformational Relationship Healing sessions
  • Focus on Cord Healing for lingering connections
  • Work towards attracting the best suitable relationship configuration and a partner

Learn to let go of connections and people that no longer serve your highest good and open yourself up to meeting more suitable people and exploring wonderful relationship configurations that are meeting your needs. If this resonates with you – please ask me how. Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives.

Here’s what others have thought of their session with me:
“You’ve been a wonderful guide to various people that I know, including close friends. As someone who has been a part of the lifestyle for many years, I thank you. xoxo”
A. D.

“I not only feel empowered, grounded and at ease but I have a new found realization of all of the possibilities that are awaiting me in life, a new drive, a higher sense of well being, renewed trust in myself, a stronger connection to my spiritual side, and the energy field around me that I never dared to touch or acknowledge but that is clearly there and is very powerful.”
A. K.

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