Result and Solution Oriented Energy Therapy


I’ve been through this myself in the midst of my own healing journey, sitting through therapy sessions that didn’t offer many practical skills, but mostly just an ability to vent. Or receiving wonderful practical tips of working through thoughts but not approaching issue-resolution holistically and multidimensionally. Throughout the years of my own growth pains and training / working as a Professional Energy Therapist I have arrived at a great balance in helping clients (and working through my own struggles) multidimensionally:

  1. Speaking through and releasing some of the pent up emotional / mental blockages
  2. Intellectually focusing on techniques and processes that allow us to question our thought, shift belief systems, learn new skills
  3. Emotionally deepen into mindfulness and meditation realm and shine light into our own darkness of fears, judgements, shame, guilt
  4. Physically sense various tension points, feel into releasing and letting go of stagnation during our energy-based holistic body, mind, heart and soul exercises
  5. Energetically allow and connect to what matters most during our deep healing sessions
  6. Keep practicing using various take home techniques, handouts and info sheets to change neural pathways and allow for a lasting positive change to take place

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