Personal Transformation – a deeper look

Personal Transformation – a deeper look (an excerpt from Alice in Polyland book –

We live within a system with a very clearly specified path in front of us. We’re typically born at hospitals under a bright set of lights, not allowed skin to skin contact prior to being checked out for potential lists of ailments.

We go to daycare, then school and are encouraged to get good grades as great work is scarce. It’s often recommended to us to choose our profession for life based on what’s in need as opposed to following our passions. Many of us work forty hours per week with two days off and two week vacations for the rest of our lives.

Society dictates us specific relationship norms.(monogamy by default, mostly heterosexually focused), sexuality rules (procreation based, sex and pleasure negative) and the goals we each need to achieve with regards to one’s social standing, family configuration, what brings us happiness (i. e. consumerism), what we are supposed to fear (old age) etc.

As an outcome of the societal pressure and our upbringing, we tend to form multiple internal blockages that prevent us from experiencing who we fully are deep inside our very core. I’ve been there many times — not understanding my own desires, judging them to be “wrong” and therefore myself — “bad”. I’ve felt constricted, separate and unloved… And yet the road to freedom is so deliciously pleasurable. We are our only judges and show-stoppers right now.

Don’t be afraid to: Look deeper into yourself

  • Explore your inner landscape of needs and desires
  • Feel into how fulfilled you are multidimensionally: body, heart, mind, and soul
  • Take the time to compile a list of needs you have based on the four categories above (i. e. physically you may need more movement, contact, pleasure, hugs; emotionally — closessness, open communication, love etc.)

Become aware of emotional or sexual blocks you may have inside

  • These manifest as emotional reactions or patterns we relive over and over again in our lives
  • They may feel like tightness, tension or constriction on the physical or energetic level

Question the outdated concepts that are stopping you from your full expression

  • Notice how some of the older notions don’t serve you any longer
  • Become curious as to how you may want to modify your belief system to achieve a more balanced state of being
  • Try out the new concepts, even if for a few days, and see what happens

Take a step towards your own unique life path, freedom and pleasure

  • Please don’t be afraid to design your life just the way you like
  • You are unique, and so is your path

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