Transition into Play

Transition into Play
Transition into Play

We all tend to be busy and often quite preoccupied during the day – work, errands, kids, parents – out day to day lives have a certain busy stress-filled rhythm. What does it take to transition into a slowed down, experiential, playful, sensual, sexual, creative and connective space with our lovers?

Here are two approaches I have recommended to one of my wonderful clients during our one on one Sexual Guidance sessions today. Want to work with me? Reach out for a free 20 minute consultation:

Tantric  / Sensual

To transition into a Sensual, Loving and incredibly deep space with your loved ones, please try a combination four techniques below. I guarantee a deeply loving, lusty, incredibly profound state of connection and memorable experience.

Domination / Submission Transitions

Want to spice your play up even more and role play or use elements of Domination and Submission? This type of play has an ability to instantly transform your emotional / psychological / spiritual state of being into a heightened, edgy, trance-filled play state. Setting up a ceremony of Submission that could include:

  • Putting collar on – mentioning what it represents (turning into your Alter Ego version of D / S with names, various devious fantasies, desires etc.)
  • Taking the collar off at the end of each D/ S scene to complete the transition back into real life
  • Using difference in position / attire to set the stage for your partner’s experience (they are on their knees naked, you’re standing up fully clothed)
  • Looking / examining partner’s presentation, preparedness, objectifying etc. (asking them to rotate, kneel, assume open positions, walk in front of you etc.)
  • Suggesting punishment and reward outcomes to set the expectations (even signing contracts of some sort ;))

What are your favorite transitions into playfulness?

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