Sexual Magic Manifestation Practice

Healing magic

Sexual Magic Manifestation Practice

Sometimes I feel like I work at Hogwarts 😉 Want a peak inside? Here’s a great energy-based technique that allows you to set a powerful intention and manifest your goals using a little sensual magic. For more ideas and practices to bring more pleasure, love and connection into your life, DM for a free 20 minute consultation or go to

  • Open energy centers (breathing into each and visualizing blooming flowers)
  • Visualize, feel, see, experience with your whole being a sense of knowing of having achieved your goal, vision, dream as if it had already happened. Paint a picture as vivid as you possibly can and feel it more like a sense of knowing / gratitude for having accomplished it as opposed to longing to achieve
  • Spread this energy into all of your energy centers
  • Connect to the level of intention by visualizing strong line of light connecting you to the sky and the earth
  • Spread this energy or gratitude and knowing you can achieve anything throughout the level of intention
  • Start practicing Energy Orgasm activating this vision, goal, intention even more
  • Send lots of gratitude to yourself and the universe for making this happen

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