Women who love themselves

Women love themselves

Just today I was holding space for a beautiful client of mine who’s come to me to embrace her sexual force, to fall in love with herself and unleash the inner goddess.

The sensual energy is so powerful, exquisite and incredibly moving. It makes us feel alive, creative, invigorated and empowered. Often, the reason why we’re not in touch with our pleasure is due to a variety of blockages that come from your upbringing – early childhood wounding, shame / guilt associated with sexuality, feeling unworthy of love and pleasure, inability to fully accept and love ourselves as we are and not as the world wants us to be.

I’ve traveled this journey myself (please read more on it in my book: www.aliceinpolyland.com) and so happy to support my wonderful clients on the journey towards fully embracing their authenticity, pleasure and self love. Reach out for your free 20 minute consultation today and see how I can support you towards even more pleasure, confidence, joy and wellness.

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