Staying in Shape: P1

“How do you stay in such an amazing shape?” “What’s your exercise/diet regiment?”

“Do you seriously have two kids?”

I do often get asked the above questions… And feel very humble hearing them… As though they are addressed to someone else…

…A shy little Jewish girl with big sad brown eyes inside of me could tell you a story on how she didn’t fit in with other kids. And was bullied a lot for being the only Jew in the class… How, for that very reason, she used to hate group sports and gym class in general, while secretly hoping to one day learn dancing… How upset she was when she received her first and only “C” in a gym class…

…A self-conscious teenager could tell how she never got invited to dance during school dances… How lonely and sad that felt.

  …A rejected and heart-broken young woman could reflect how she focused on study so much during the college years, that she ate lots of junk food, sweets and gained quite a bit of weight… How her ex turned her down because of these changes…

And finally, how 15 years ago she started exercising, eating healthy and changed her whole life around to align with the idea of loving and treating her body right….

Exercise and healthy lifestyle are keeping me afloat. Helping me weather tough patches of life, manage stress, act as a bright guiding lighthouse during the darker moments of my life… Creating a foundation for a young mother of two girls I once was – going through pregnancy, breast-feeding, dealing with body changes. Providing support and balancing out my emotions through life’s hurdles and joys…

Now I am so much healthier, stronger and happier with my body. If I could change, so could anyone. Below are a few rules that I follow to stay in shape which I hope you find helpful. These guidelines have worked for me. Please note that they may not be the best for you as we’re all unique. If you have a medical condition – always consult with your doctor. I think every shape/size is healthy and beautiful if you feel strong, fully connected to your body and are happy with it.

I will outline main points quickly and follow up with later articles in more detail as there’s a lot I could share on these topics with you.

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