September 24, 7pm – FREE Energy Orgasm Foundations Webinar

Energy Orgasm September-24

Join me for this monthly FREE Energy Orgasm Foundations Webinar on September 24th at 7pm! Are you curious what touch free Energy Orgasms are? Join this free webinar to learn about this profound, pleasure-filled, multidimensional phenomenon called Energy Orgasms. Can’t make it? Register and get a recording copy.

When: September 24, 7.00 PM
Where: Online (link sent upon registration)
Price: FREE
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Join this Exclusive Energetic Orgasm webinar to learn to experience ecstatic bliss by yourself and as a couple. Ultimate union with the universe, total oneness are possible. To create this profound connection, we will cover experiential energy play, uncovering energetic, emotional and mental blocks, energy-based sexual/spiritual practices focusing on strengthening the sexual force within you. All welcome.

Together we will:

Watch my latest Energy Orgasm video:

And Hear what Sarah Felt during our session:

Here’s what others have thought of their session with me:

“Yesterday I received a beautiful gift from Evguenia. This absolute Goddess guided me through a full body energy orgasm. So what did this experience feel like?

You know the pulsating feeling that grips you when a part of your body “falls asleep” or goes numb? Then you start to move that body part and feel slightly uncomfortable but satisfying and relieving sensation of it coming “back to life”?

It tingles, pulses and expands until you finally feel a physical release. It was like that but my entire body holding onto that pulse.

Then my legs and hands were shaking, vivid images came to my mind and my breath was a powerful generator for clearing my blockages and energizing my entire being. So I guess you could say she’s the real; deal. A huge thank you SpiritSexLab for this gift and taking the time to teach and guide me.” R. M.

“I was able to focus on what matters to me instead of being subservient to my needs and the needs of my partners. We took that therapy to the next level with the Energy Orgasm class.

Evguenia had done such a great work to help me remove my emotional blocks that I had a through passage in my chakras that led to both an emotional and physical orgasm without any contact whatsoever.” S. S.

6 thoughts on “September 24, 7pm – FREE Energy Orgasm Foundations Webinar

  1. Namaste, i am form Nepal and i want to learn energy orgasm . can you teach me energy orgasm over zoom ? If yes please let me know about price and time. how many hours does it cost ?
    And i was not able to join in this zoom session so may get recorded version ?

    1. HI there, thank you very much for reaching out! Yes, I’m happy to teach you via Zoom – I offer 3 programs: Solo, Couples and Practitioner Certification. Each have a different level of involvement, pricing etc. Please sign Up for the upcoming free webinar to learn more about the programs: – happy to send you the recording if you can’t join live. Also, please schedule a free 20 minute consultation to learn more about pricing and packages here:

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