Action Plan

Action Plan

Understanding our desires / needs is a wonderful first step. Acting on them, however, is huge!
I do have a wonderful Action Plan handout that helps my clients take simple action steps towards their goals, visions and dreams.

Here are a few tips when working on an Action Plan. Want to know more? Just ask:

  • Be specific about your goals (who, what, where, when, why, how) – define the goal as much as possible with no ambiguous language
  • Make sure the goals are Measurable – can you track the progress and measure outcome?
  • Set attainable goals – make sure these are not out of reach or below standard performance
  • Check if they are relevant – are each of the goals consistent with the rest? Do they fit with your immediate and long-term plans?
  • Your objective should have a time limit to establish a sense of urgency and prompt you to have better time management.

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