On shame


The most important work I do is centered around shame.

As probably many of you know I come from a very conservative upbringing and the feelings of shame, guilt and judgement around sexuality accompanied me throughout my teen and late into my 20s. I had to dig deep, shine some light into these shadows and question / release any beliefs that were not serving me prior to allowing myself to feel free and aligned with my sexual force inside.

Regardless of the trigger, when shame is experienced the deterioration of an esteemed sense of self can be devastating. In addition to the typical emotions that can accompany shame, such as envy, anger, rage, and anxiety, we can also include sadness, depression, depletion, loneliness, and emptiness as a result. And this is where shame can become a dangerous emotion. When shame results in self-attack, it is overwhelming, and it can negatively color how you view yourself and how you assess the prospect of recovering your self-esteem. Even so, people do recover from experiencing shame and they learn a great deal about themselves if they can step back and take a look at what is going on within them.

Recent studies by the University of Houston and others, have found that people who have a propensity for feeling shame often have low self-esteem. Tangney and Dearing are among the investigators who have found that shame-proneness can also increase one’s risk for other psychological problems. The link with depression is particularly strong.

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