Personal Transformation: Meet my incredible client Stuart


Meet my wonderful, quirky, wise and soulful client Stuart; he’s a former criminal lawyer from Canada. Stuart and I have been exploring Personal TransformationRelationshipsSexual Guidance and Energy Orgasms as well as other existential life changing topics.

Here’s what Stuart had to say about his experience of working with me:

“I met Evguenia during lockdown. I was quite lonely and distraught. Almost 60, alone and lost. For roughly four decades I had self esteem and abandonment issues and couldn’t survive without a woman. Evguenia’s guidance changed that. I no longer have self esteem or abandonment issues. I can survive easily alone. Now women chase after me.”

Wellness and Mindfulness sessions:
“Everything I experience is perfect including your sessions. I saw my doctor and am awesome health wise.“

Healing of emotional blockages:
“It was so refreshing and energetic. I had a tension that felt like I was physically shaking. This brought me back into a memory of 2010 when my ex started lying (I really don’t care if my partner has other lovers but to lie is something I find intolerable) that’s the shaking I felt around my abdomen and heart. Now it’s gone completely.”

Stuart and I have also recorded an Energy Orgasm session together. Please watch it here:

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