Sensual Guidance: Meet my wonderful client Shay!


Meet my wonderful client Shay, she’s a very successful LinkedIn Influencer and Video Coach Extraordinaire from Florida. Shay and I have been exploring Personal TransformationRelationshipsSexual Guidance and Energy Orgasms as well as other pleasure-filled topics.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience of working with me:

After our last session on deepening into the sensual force and Energy Orgasms:
“Thank you SO much! That was by far the best session so far. And I ended up having an amazing session afterwards!!!”

Focusing on healing and manifestation:
“Thank you so much! I am learning a lot. I felt more in tune with myself and my own ability to move the energy today. And then when I finally stopped and rested just was in such a space of peace. Fell asleep as usual haha, just manifesting and thinking about what I want. It was beautiful! I notice this energy work has helped in my sex life too now. Excited to keep learning more and mastering this energy work, thank you for teaching me!”

Personal Transformation Guidance and Healing:
“Today was perfect. Just what I needed. Was really helpful to learn about the Super Ego as that’s been coming up a lot for me lately as I write my podcast and share my story. The healing as usual was amazing – I felt so much energy and felt at one point I could see everything with my eyes still closed – like I could see my hands and my body from the top looking down it felt so good.”

Sexual Guidance
“I’m also noticing a lot of changes sexually – it’s like my body is re-learning and rewiring how to enjoy sex and feel sensations. For the first time ever lately I’ve really felt like I can almost orgasm from penetration-only and that’s a new development for me… it’s going to happen!”

Healing and Personal Transformation / Block Removal:
“Thank you SO much. WOW! I cannot describe what that session did for me. It was very intense. I do not often break down and cry like that but I know I haven’t fully faced or dealt with the sexual trauma of my past and today felt like a really healthy purge of getting it out. When I was laying down and you were talking to me I could see my body going in and out of my current body to the body I had as a little three year old and all the innocence and warmth that was lost in that moment.

Thank you so much for guiding me through this, by the end I felt absolutely amazing. I fell asleep for a bit after you left the call. It was truly heaven for me by the time we got to the end. I could feel my whole body was light as a feather and just felt like I had this big white light around me. I will definitely be doing some healing work on my yoni in a ceremonial setting like you suggested. As well as exploring the “no obligations” sex session with my partner.”

Shay and I have also recorded a Podcast episode on sexual shame, polyamory, BDSM and healing, please listen to it here:

Video Interview – The Shay Rowbottom Show – Sexual Shame

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