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Having been married for 26 years and dating for last 8 (open relationship) I have gone through a lot of fun dating experiences (P. S. want to read about my sexiest dates? get my book at and developed a powerful approach to finding wonderful matches (and let me tell you The Mystery Man rocks!)!

Are you looking for a wonderful partner and are unable to find them? I can help with finding an incredible open-minded and hearted person for you! I have introduced quite a few couples that are happily involved in long term relationships, I’m guiding multiple clients on their dating journey!

Today I want to share with you a few important questions you may want to ask yourself about a potential partner to have better clarity as to who you are looking for:

  • Physical (height, body type, any other preferred visual qualities)
  • Emotional (self-awareness, balance, attachment style, compassion, love language etc.)
  • Intellectual (intelligence, level of education, knowledge coverage)
  • Spiritual (spiritual / religious / atheist preferences)
  • Career (career level, field of expertise etc.)
  • Sexuality (sensual, sexual, open-minded, kinky, spiritually open etc.)
  • Relationship type (monogamous, monogamish, play partners, swingers, open relationship, polyamory)
  • Belief system / qualities the partner values (honesty, freedom, love, communication, friendships, loyalty etc.)
  • Hobbies / interests
  • How I want to feel with this person (valued, attended to, loved, accepted etc.)
  • How would I treat this person (your characteristics, behaviors)
  • My goals for this relationship (5 years, 10 years)
  • Who do I need to be to attract the person above (how will I practice becoming that person)
  • Anything else you’d like to write down to describe the future partner

Do you have questions about this list and would like to learn more about dating guidance I offer? Please reach out for a free 20 minute consultation:

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