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What a wonderful podcast I just appeared on! Will share more soon! Lots of personal stories, open and deep talk about sexuality, spirituality and pleasure!

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from my interview with Dauphine Magazine from a year back:

1. What are your top 3 tips or tricks to ‘ignite your passion’? How does one dive into the world of sexuality and exploration?
Wonderful question! Nothing beats the shared energy of kindness, acceptance and a loving connection (for yourself and a partner) as a foundation for the following tips:

Playful Sensual Exploration

Mindfulness, Tantra and BDSM all speak of our senses as a gateway to deeper and spicier experiences! Imagine a candle lit room (or a sexy dark dungeon), sensual music playing in the background, aphrodisiac foods such as strawberries and dark chocolate are fed to you by your lover, while you’re getting a slow tantalizing massage awakening your whole body. Add a blind fold and some ice for an additional element of a surprise and focus on receiving and being in the now. No worries about performing or reaching a goal. Complete surrender into the pleasure. What an amazing way to awaken all 5 senses!

Separation of Giving and Receiving

We tend to tirelessly work at helping our partners experience pleasure and engage in sexual play at the same time. Try separating giving and receiving – there’s not a bigger gift that we can offer to others than our full focused attention. Ask your lover to completely relax and receive. Play with them for a long while (30-40) – starting with a non sexual massage first, then slowly brining them close to climax but not letting them explode just yet.

Tease and Denial

There are multiple ways in which we can play with orgasms: orgasm denial is one of them. Seduction, tease and denial are some of the common techniques Dominatrix use a lot in their practice as do Tantric practitioners. Next time you’re playing with your partner – try this little game called Edging. After a prolonged foreplay, start playing with their genitals using lots of coconut oil – slowly getting them aroused and approaching the point of no return. You can add in an element of DS: “Your orgasm belongs to me, please ask for a permission to cum as you’re getting close.” Continue playing with them taking them to the edge multiple times but not letting them orgasm. Once you’re ready to let them climax, their experience will be much stronger and more pleasurable. They may also start experiencing Energy Orgasms channeling the accumulated sexual energy along the spine out of the top of the head.

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