Alice in PolyLand Party Part 3

Alice in PolyLand Party Part 3

Remember the Ice Breaker Game cards? I was so happy to see people connecting, approaching each other, chatting and so much more! One of the guests has interpreted the “dare to consensually kiss” card as something a lot more intimate, offered it to one of her play friends and happily retreated into a sex positive area 😉 It was such a hot scene!

Lots of exploration and play took place – some sensual, some kinky. In time, when the experiential stations came to an end, we’ve all gathered in the main room downstairs for a beautiful sensual burlesque performance. Our dancer has invited us on a journey of transformation into a darker side of Alice – surrounded by guests she looked very enticing.

I thanked everyone for coming and checked into the room’s mood – words like “excited”, “stimulated”, “aroused” were mentioned. Energy Orgasm session show has begun – I quickly explained that energy orgasms are multidimensional deep experiences that don’t only affect one on a physical level, but also, emotional, energetic and spiritual. A few of my past clients have shared their experiences with the guests explaining how life changing these were. We had an incredible woman volunteer to showcase the Energy Orgasm.

It was beautiful to watch her breathe, move, feel the energy rise! In just a few short minutes her body started moving more, she sounded louder and one could see how the energy was travelling through her body raising her chest, going through her vertical power current, approaching her neck, mouth, top of her head… I was there with her helping her energy field charge, allow and move the energy along the way. Until she exploded in a pleasurable wave of ecstasy. What a beautiful scene – thank you!

We then moved into a cuddle party portion of the evening during which I wanted to encourage guests to connect non sexually through the sense of touch, also eye gazing etc. As I was leading the experiential I’ve noticed one couple in particular – they were falling deeply into a trance of experiencing each other of a different level. Looking into each others’ eyes, touching hands, hugging – getting consent along the way, deepening the connection more and more. It looked like a sensual energy dance.

Closer to 1.00am people started picking up their presents and leaving. I felt very grateful to everyone who came out to join me during this event! My deep hope is that this party has moved something in you. Got you one step closer towards your fantasy, allowed you to challenge a fear, grounded you more in your intention to open up to larger pleasure and play possibilities in your life. Very grateful. Thank YOU.

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