Meet my incredibly open-minded, wise and intuitive client Abe

Client Testimonial Abe

Meet my incredibly open-minded, wise and intuitive client Abe, a real estate investment professional from US.

Abe and I have been exploring Personal Transformation as well as Energy Healing. In our session we focused on deepening contact with himself, diving into higher frequencies, developing high sense perception and releasing blockages.

Here’s what Abe has to as about his experience:

“To be honest, it all sounds a little foo foo, but I went into the session being completely open minded. Being a spiritual practitioner myself, it wasn’t until my ego took a back seat, and I let Evguenia do her thing, that I realized how much she was able to open me up to energetic expansion. She really is experienced, and her methods are very effective. I left the session feeling free and full of life energy. Also certain aspects of me have become even more robust ; )”

Watch Abe’s reaction right after the session here:

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