Deep Dive Healing – Abe’s experience

Want to know what takes place during a Deep Dive Healing session with me via Zoom? Watch this video and hear what Abe had to say about his powerful experience (he initially thought that this work sounded like a lot of Foo-foo 🙂 but was very pleasantly surprised)!

  • Based on the quantum physics concept of “entanglement”, the energy frequency that the healer holds can reach the client. This, in turn, creates a state of healing through a focused and intentional connection.
  • Energy healing works by the means of vibrational frequency, focused contact and intention. Distance healing works exactly the same way as in-person one. The exception is that there’s no physical contact between the client and the healer
  • We will connect via Zoom to review your physical and emotional history
  • We will combine guided meditation, energy-based take home techniques with conversation-based guidance and energy healing for optimal, holistic, body | mind | heart | soul approach to transformation
  • During the energy healing portion, you will proceed to lay down or stay seated and relax into the safety of your own living space
  • I then energetically connect to your body and bring you into the healing space. I work with you as if you were physically present (please see the complete description of in-person healing session above)

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