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With current world situation, many of us feel more separate and alone than ever. I see it in my friends, kids, clients – inability to connect to others in person, hug, hang out, even go for walks. I realized how much I was missing human connection, being in the presence of groups during out Thursday free webinar. It felt SO GOOD to meditate together and share my knowledge with you and learn so much from you! Below are just some of the reflections from Thursday webinar, join my next one to feel deeply connected, supported and help by other humans:

Are you missing human connection in your life? reach out for a free recording and experience this meditation for yourself.

“By the way, you looked so stunningly beautiful last night and your voice was exceptionally toned. Your intonation was so perfect! soft when appropriate, crisp and full of life and energy at other times. Of all the meditations I’ve witnessed with you, I believe last night’s was my favorite… perfection for me. So grateful.”

“Whew, you were amazing tonight, your best session ever. It was very powerful for me… Thank you for your love and kindness. You are the best and I am so grateful for you!”

“It was amazing, I felt a lot of healing!”

00:51:18 R: This was the most powerful ever…..
00:51:44 R: I felt so much energy and surrender
00:52:14 S: ??????
00:53:33 C: at first I saw my aura very electric then I became more aware about my traumas in each chakra, also saw that my crown wasn’t fully open and I tried to surrender more. The Hara line manifestation meditation was extremely visual
01:02:08 C: It was perfect everything was very helpful
01:02:09 S: turning past trauma, into pleasure
01:02:56 H: I saw this stitching light above my heart during the meditation, and had some major heart releases! thank you !

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