The Loved You

The loved you

The Loved You

Do you feel like at times you’re very critical of yourself? The way you look in the mirror, talk, move or think… Decisions you make, people you choose, the way you live? So many of us have a very critical internal voice that consistently sends negative messages to us. We often don’t notice the effect it has on our self esteem, relationships and quality of life… Feeling low about ourselves has a negative limiting effect on how you live, enjoy and set and reach goals in life.

Today, I wanted to share a great Practice with you. If only done 5 minutes per day – it will drastically change your feelings towards yourself, bringing more love, confidence and energy to you. I promise. Please like for great content, share with those you care about and read on.

Practice this exercise daily for 5 minutes in the morning and right before bed. This will help rewire your conditioning from self criticism into self- love and acceptance of newly formed neural networks in only 3 weeks.

  • Turn on a Heart warming meditative music or just stay in the quietness of your room / outdoors with nature sounds
  • Close your eyes and tune into the sensations of your body as you’re hugging, stroking and/or massaging yourself lovingly
  • Notice the breath entering your nostrils, travelling down to your chest and stomach and leaving your body, only to enter again in a continuous gentle wave of expansion and contraction
  • Start visualizing and feeling a huge surge of love welling up inside of you and sending it all over your body – the easiest way to connect with the loving energy is to visualize someone you love very much and then visualize spreading the energy all around yourself
  • Speak to yourself, you can use affirmations “I love you”, “I am lovable”, “I am awesome”
  • Feel how loved and accepted you are by creation because you exist! Feel being supported and help no matter what.

Just a quick reminder that Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change itself constantly by creating new neural pathways and losing those which are no longer used. Encouraging the brain’s neuroplasticity is the key to changing negative patterns of thinking into the positive ones.

Some of the best ways to affect the neural pathways’ changes are: Repetition, Practice of Thinking, Feeling, Visualizations, Strong Emotions and Mindfulness.

The above exercise takes into an account all of the above to create a comprehensive program of change.

Gorgeous photo by amazingly talented photographer Vinny Kim @vkimphoto + [email protected]

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