Meet my incredibly wise and open-minded client Alejandro

Meet my incredibly wise and open-minded client Alejandro, a dating coach and a successful investor from US.

Alejandro and I have been exploring Energy Orgasm Practitioner Mastery  Program, Personal Transformation as well as Energy Healing. In our sessions we focused on deepening contact, diving into higher frequencies, learning healing fundamentals, developing high sense perception, releasing blockages and experiencing as well as facilitating Energy Orgasms.

Here’s what Alejandro had to say about his experience:

“I approached Evguenia with an open-mind & lots of curiosity about her work. After getting to know her more, she’s someone I can trust & communicate about my experiences & personal goals. I really like how she holds space for me, and surrender in her energy & guidance in our personal sessions. I also took a dive in understanding more energetically with her suggested practices & homework in other sessions. I gained more clarity, became more effective, and had a lot of fun. “

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