Introducing Unleash Synergy

I have a birth announcement to make :)!

Spirit Sex Lab sister company was born and named Unleash Synergy. My incredible clients, friends and loved ones inspire me so much! I notice that when we come together during sessions, magic happens. We unleash synergy of limitless potential that is greater than the sum of the separate individual parts (hence the name).

We all go through stages in life – childhood, teenage years, maturity. I feel companies do that too. Spirit Sex Lab was born out of incredibly fun, deep and spicy explorations of sexuality, sensuality and healing potential all combined together. Together we’ve done it all – hosted mind blowing parties / taught workshops at sex clubs and ran guided tours at kink parties. Put on shows, demos and connected with wonderful open-minded people. Dove into artistic expression of sensual photography, wrote sexy erotica ( and explored depths of polyamory.

I feel that as time went by, my interests and exploration have matured a bit more and dove deeper into entrepreneurial event presentations, Practitioner Certification group teachings, course launches and corporate training offerings. And this is where Unleash Synergy comes in: still playful, fun, open-minded but also more upscale, polished and mature. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the name is also less risque and therefore emails and payment processing will raise eyebrows and trigger spam filtering less often 🙂

Unleash Synergy will host Practitioner Certification Training and Courses and all of the wonderful one on one sessions you’ve come to enjoy! Let’s celebrate together by checking out UNLEASH SYNERGY SITE – please comment with your thoughts below.


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