October 29th Halloween party – what an adventure!!

Sex Club Tour on October 29th was a huge success!! We had 16 incredible people join us for a night of sexy fun, lots of play, wonderful revelations and beautiful bonds!! As promised, let me tell you all about it 😉

I picked up The Mystery Man and 2 of our friends on the way to the club. The Mystery Man managed to stay mysterious by having a wonderful face painting fully covering his features lol I may need to attempt introducing him to my friends and fellow kinksters again without the mask on.

Our wonderful group comprised of beautifully open-minded and -hearted folks, we had successful business owners, professors, teachers, marketers, financial professionals and architects to name a few. Even though it was a rainy night, I was happy to see everyone looking incredibly kinky / rocking wonderful costumes, smiling and having a wonderful time! We walked around the beautiful X Club, set down in the Loft enjoying a great view of play rooms right below us.

We started connecting over a fun round of introductions, chatting about our fears and fantasies. We went over sex club etiquette, had fun with sexy trivia and conversation about various ways to enjoy this playground. We dove into kink and BDSM while Greg (our incredible rigger) tied up Daisy (or Black Kitten model) for her first round of obstacles. She was trying very heard to get out of the ropes while everyone distracted her by the use of multiple feathers and sensation play toys. Daisy escaped her predicament and moved onto the second part of the scene holding difficult gymnastic positions while experiencing electric play. It was a light-hearted, playful, sexy and wonderfully interactive scene. She did so well that she got a ton of cat fitting rewards – gold fish 😉

Her last obstacle was the most difficult one of all. She resided 100 digits of Pi by heart while being tied up to the cross and experiencing strong impact play (flogging, spanking, electric play etc,). Finally our black kitten has graduated to becoming a Majestic Panther, she received a standing ovation along with a Black Panther Certificate and lots of love from the audience.

Our last scene was wonderfully devious and educational. Alex Dark – an incredible lifestyle Dom took us through an impact play tutorial: highly educational, fun and playful. He also demonstrated the impact scene with a friend who bottomed for the demo – loved every minute of it!!

Later on, we’ve joined the rest of the party by dancing  and many of us: playing. Lots of wonderful connections were created that day, so many sexy experiences took place. Below are just a few of the comments I’ve received. Can’t wait for our next adventure! Please check out spiritsexlab.com/events for upcoming events!

  • “What an amazing fun night! We had the best time, we left around 2am and had quite an audience going for our last 20 minutes of sex in the nude area. Thanks so much for including us!”
  • “I loved Friday night! What an awakening. I’m definitely going back there. I got some loving attention Friday night and have been fantasizing on what I would do next.”
  • “Hi Evguenia! Today was such a tremendous experience! Thanks so showing us around. I had a great time! You’re awesome!”
  • “Thanks, it was a fun welcoming environment and I learned new things that I hope to continue building on. Hope to bring a friend or two in the future!”
  • “You did a great job last night. Everyone felt like the were having an awesome time and my friends were really happy for the whole experience”
  • “The tour was great. Very informative and well organized. It captured many details of our sexual endeavor. The club is good, great prices, good place for play and trying our fantasies. Many attractive and well behaved people”
  • “Didn’t get to say goodnight. Had a lovely time! Let’s do it again!”
  • “Good night, Evguenia and thank you for everything! Well done.”
  • “It was a fun bunch. I enjoyed the night… especially the little Panther was so sweet.”
  • (From our beautiful Black Kitten model) “I really enjoyed it, so much fun! I think I have a kink for showing off my strength and cleverness. I also thought that your lessons were very informative. The rope part was especially fun for me because it looks so beautiful and I was able to get our of it. Thanks for the fishes!”
  • “Hi Alice, all good! Great experience for newbies!”

I wanted to thank so much all of my wonderful clients, friends, X Club organizers, Alex Dark, Greg, Daisy and The Mystery Man for making this night super special and life changing for so many of us!

4 thoughts on “October 29th Halloween party – what an adventure!!

  1. The X Club wants to thank Alice in PL for organizing this incredible evening. We have been around for 16 years and everybody starts as a newbie and it usually takes a bit of a nudge to get you through the doors. We hope you felt comfortable and by the looks of it everyone had a great time. You are all welcomed back anytime.

    1. Thank you so much Jake!! Everyone had a blast, very happy to be back. Will make sure to share your kind offer with everyone!!

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