How our blockages get formed and ways we can dissolve them

How our blockages get formed and ways we can dissolve them to achieve deeper connections, pleasure and openness

Science of Health and Disease

According to the Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine book our mental and emotional issues pertaining to stress and relaxation deeply impact the physical body. They are underlying factors in much illness, costing health care industry millions of dollars.

These blockages and outdated belief systems / patterns are affecting us in negative ways, not allowing us to reach our full potential. Let us now discover causes of energetic stagnation (that cause our imbalanced) and how energy blockages form. Let’s watch an excerpt from the Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery course to learn more.

Good news is that:

  • It is possible to work with the energy blocks, painful emotions, various thought forms and beliefs by applying healing / mindfulness techniques
  • This balances the human energy field and creates a change towards a more positive view of the world and interpersonal relationships
  • The less blockages one has – the better the energy flows (which helps facilitate energy orgasms much quicker). This also enhances one’s well-being, boosts self confidence and allows for better personal relationships

Let me share with you the exact tools and practices that will support you on your healing and pleasure discovery journey, please join my Free Masterclass for details:

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