Personal Transformation: meet my amazing client V.

Meet my wonderful client V., a successful serial entrepreneur from UAE.

V. and I have been exploring Personal TransformationRelationshipsSexual Guidance as well as Energy Orgasm programs.

V. came to me wanting to deepen his understanding of himself, upgrade his sensuality skills and  dive into spiritual sexuality as well as receive help with dating guidance.

Please see his feedback our sessions together:

  • “Good and clear communication in arranging the session, followed by punctual attendance. Effective communication and exchange of information during the session and clear follow up action points.” (feedback after our Discovery Call)
  • “Thank you Evguenia for another session. I learnt so much about the subject and found it so easy to converse openly with you about such a private issue. Information available to address issues both in verbal and written format. It was very effective for me as it was well structured in theoretical and experiential terms. Can’t wait to experience the next stage in our journey.” (after session feedback)
  • “Clear and concise materials enabled me to prepare for the session. Timely and well balanced session between course material, discussion and experientials.” (feedback on homework handouts and homework course materials)

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~ Stock photo is used in the blog post to protect V’s identity following client’s request

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