Meet my incredibly open and intuitive client Mel

Meet my incredibly open and intuitive client Mel, a wonderful Healing Arts professional from Canada.

Mel and I have been exploring Personal Transformation and Energy Orgasms Program as well as Energy Healing. In our sessions we focus on deepening contact with herself, releasing anything that was holding her back and teaching and facilitating Energy Orgasms.

Here’s what Mel said about one of our sessions that focused on Energy Orgasms:

“Mmmm where was I? It was like I had s*x with my partner, but I didn’t. Well, thank you honey! It’s like I just energetically f*cked you!”

“I feel so good, I feel fantastic. I feel like I just had therapy and s*x in one session!”

“I gained a lot of self-awareness, knowledge, released blockages and allowed more pure, blissful energy in! I feel super happy. Oh wow!”

“I could feel rolling energy and so much processing through a third eye – opening and awakening. Thank you for allowing me comforting and encouraging safe space. If I felt resistance, I heard you ask me to move / allow it – I would completely relax and let go.”

“You have a very soothing, velvety joyful energy, so it was very comforting. I didn’t even feel like I was here. I really left my body and felt just the energy. It was fantastic! It was even better than the first time!”

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